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each small work was done in oil and all are 6" X 8"  - all are priced at $500.00
Purchases are made through Paypal.
click on image to see a larger view - in larger view, move mouse to left or right upper corner to progress through gallery.

paintings are sold unframed

Church in Socorro, NM


Derry, NM


October in the Rocky Mtns.


Horseshoe Park, Rocky Mtns.


Aspen Grove


Flathead River, Montana


End of the Day - Sold



Southern California Ranch


Shoshone River Cliffs


Tonto Cliff Dwelling


Repairs in Glouster Harbor




South Rim Grand Canyon


Stream Near Breckenridge


California Hills


Rocky Mountain Cabin


View Near Pike's Peak


Sabino Canyon



LaCanada Wash Near Catalina


click here to find out more or purchase Phil's book, celebrating "Small Works - Landscape Paintings"

Over the last 30 years I have been doing small paintings.  The purpose of the small painting for me is all about the process of painting.  I might be painting outside, trying to capture the essence of the scene, or maybe in the studio trying to work out composition or the addition of other elements, and then again, it could be I need to do a demonstration for a class or a group as a guest speaker.  For all those reasons, I have quite a large collection of small paintings.

Painting outside provides the opportunity for an immediate response to elements that can't be captured in the studio.  The atmosphere, cloud shadows, colors, and vegetation in the field provide a chance to grow as an artist.  There are always obstacles to have to learn to deal with, like weather, insects, animals and terrain.  Painting out in the field is a great way to keep your colors from getting dull and your approach to composition fresh.  Many of my small studies provide me an avenue to work out subject matter, composition, color and light.  When these elements have been worked out I am able to produce a larger piece in the studio.  

The small painting is an invaluable tool, allowing  the artist to bring the spontaneity they found out in the field back to the studio so the larger studio piece can also feel vibrant and fresh.   It does take the extra effort of packing supplies and equipment, dealing with the obstacles out in the field, and spending the time to find these special places often hidden off the beaten path.  But the reward for that effort is being able to recreate, in a painting, the beauty of the scene and allow a busy public to slow down and see the scene through the eyes of the artist.  Some places I've painted are gone now due to development, or as in the case of Sabino Canyon in Tucson, AZ, because of heavy flooding, the scenery has completely changed and the place I painted no longer looks like the painting, so some of the paintings document a bit of history.

The plein air pieces have a long tradition among artists.  Many artists like Claude Monet, Camille Pissaro, John Singer Sargent and Joaquin Sorolla enjoyed taking their paints and brushes out to the field and painting.  Those that influenced me were Alfred Sisley, A.T. Hibbard, Edgar Payne, Hanson Puthuff and Robert Lougheed. 

As long as I'm painting, I will always do these small works.  I hope you'll come to appreciate the smaller paintings artists create.  Because of painting outdoors, the artist tries to capture the feeling of wind, the smell of grass and the heat of the sun in their paintings, believing they could relate the true beauty of nature if they were right in the middle of it, holding on to a unique moment in time.